If you want to set up your Canon product, you can use ij.start.canon weblink.  It is the official link that helps in installing the Canon inkjet printer to the computer and execute printing commands.  When it comes to quality, reliability, and productivity, the Canon IJ printer is the first and only choice of the users.  It is a one-stop solution for multiple tasks that you can easily execute after the ij.start.canon setup on your device.

What’s More? With ij.start.canon link, you can also download and install the required printer software and drivers on your computer. So, let’s move to the next part and learn how to set up a Canon IJ Printer for a computer for a smooth printing experience.

Canon IJ Printer Setup: ij.start.canon Setup

Following are some simple step-by-step guidelines that can help you to set up the Canon IJ printer for your device. Execute each step carefully to stay away from the technical hindrance that may interrupt your experience. Here we go:

  • Connect your computer or laptop to the power outlet and turn it on.

  • Now,  you need to connect your Canon IJ printer to the computer using a wireless or wired connection as per your preference.

  • Open any web browser on your computer, for example-  Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser of your preference. In the address bar, type http //ij.start.canon/setup and hit the Enter button.

  • Once you hit the button, you will be directed to the Canon official website where you have to follow certain steps for printer installation on your computer.

  • Click on the ‘Configure’ icon and wait until you see a new window appearing and asking you to enter the model number.

  • Type the Model number in the new window and click the ‘Enter’ button.

  • Proceed with the on-screen guidelines and complete the setup.

So, this is how you can set up the Canon IJ Printer with some simple steps.

Find the Canon Printer Model Name and Number?

Well!  You can easily find your printer model number on your device. Usually, the model number is mentioned on the top of the front of the printer.  Once you know the printer model number, you can visit the Canon website and type it there to download the appropriate printer software.

Download Canon Printer Driver And Software

Most of the Canon printers come with the installation CD for driver and software download, however, you won’t find the latest version of printer software and driver in the CD. If you want to download the latest available version of software and drivers for your printer, then you need to visit the ij.start.canon and go through the steps to complete the task.  Following are some simple guidelines you can consider for driver download on your Canon device:

  • Set up the printer following the instructions above. Open any web browser on your PC/Laptop.

  • Visit the ij.start.canon web site and type the printer model number in the mentioned field.

  • You can also choose from the options mentioned at the bottom and tap on ‘click this link’ from the display’.

  • Download the printer drivers software from the Canon web page.

  • Double click on the software and drivers to complete the installation.

Canon IJ Setup: Complete Installation Guide

  • Visit ij.start.canon website and download Canon drivers.

  • Now, you have to double-click on the downloaded file to install the drivers. Choose your connection type; USB for wireless connection.

  • Press the power button and turn on the printer.

  • Press WiFi Alarm lamp and hold to connect your printer to a wireless connection.

  • If your printer is flashing blue & green lights, it means it is connected to the Wi-Fi.

  • Read the License Agreement and agree to proceed with the setup process.

  • Tap Finish to complete the printer installation.

Download Canon Printer Driver And Software

Canon IJ Printer Setup Using USB Cable

If you are looking forward to setting up your Canon IJ printer with a USB connection, proceed with the following guidelines to complete the task.

  • First, you need to check and make sure that the USB cable is working fine and there is no default or breakage.

  • Visit ij.start.canon and select ‘Setup Network Connection through USB’.

  • Move to the next step and wait until your printer software connects the printer to the computer with a USB cable.

  • Click on the Next button and install the drivers for your printing device. Check whether you would like to connect the Canon device to a specific network and after that tap on the ‘Yes’ option.

Canon IJ Printer Setup Using USB Cable
  • Click the ‘Complete’ button and move to the ‘Add printer’ option.

  • Click on the ‘Add button’ & Get a driver installed from Canon official website.

  • Open the ‘Device Settings’ and then go to the ‘LAN’ settings. Choose your connection.

  • After this, you are supposed to install the printer drivers, cartridges, and check the device connection.

  • Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the printer configuration.

  • Now, you are all set to print the documents.

So, this is how you can Set up a Canon printer for your computer or laptop. Make sure that you follow every mention guideline carefully to complete a task.